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Our Work

Discovery sTEAM Mentoring Program

Kids on the Move for Success believes that sTEAM curriculum should be taught in elementary school. We have developed a successful mentoring programs for children of all ages.

  • Many activities are sTEAM related, while others build self-esteem, teach financial responsibility, leadership skills, develops relationships and trust.
  • Mentor/mentee matches meet once per week during the student’s lunch break or after school hours
  • There will be group sessions and educational field trips after school hours
  • Discovery sTEAM curriculum is provided
  • Parents/Guardians must commit to supporting their child in the mentoring program and attend mandatory orientation, training and events

Besides a mentoring program for all ages, Kids on the Move for Success provides sTEAM exposure to all grade levels in the form of an Educational Showcase, College Readiness and sTEAM presentations.

Mentoring Goals

  • Increase academic performance and self esteem
  • Develop interest in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (sTEAM)
  • Teach and practice leadership skills

Community Student Safety Conversations – Town Halls

Student are an important part of student safety and their voices need to be heard. In a Town Hall format, Kids on the Move for Success brings together school leaderships, law enforcement, business leaders and other community organizations to collaborate with students to find real solutions. Town Halls include both student and adult panels, as well as smaller breakout sessions.

Town Halls are only the starting point of the conversation. Follow-up meetings in the form of Continuing the Conversation detail the specific solutions that were purposed in the Town Hall Meetings.

Scholarship Opportunities

How We Serve the Students All Over the World

Kids on the Move for Success awards educational scholarships to students of all ages from pre-kindergarten to graduate school, both nationally and internationally. Our scholarships have been used at leading universities such as Morehouse College, Pennsylvania State University, Georgia State University, Tuskegee University, Sam Houston State University and many more universities across the county.  Applications are excepted from January 1 to June 30.  Scholarships are awarded on Antoinette Tuff’s Day, which is on August 25th.  Kids on the Move for Success currently offer the following educational scholarships:

National Rallies

Kids on the Move for Success have participated in several national school safety rallies including March for Our Lives, National Die in Day and Road to Change. Antoinette Tuff has been a featured speaker and panelist at these events.

Legislative Input

Georgia is making a significant investment in school safety. Kids on the Move for Success has been participate in community meetings sponsored by the Senate and House of Representatives.